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Upcoming book: 'MESOPOTAMIA'.

'MESOPOTAMIA' is about the feeling of being in between rivers. Mesopotamia, translated from Greek, means in between rivers. The area located between the waters of Tigris and Euphrates was Mesopotamia. 

Since the past two to three years I have intensively done research about, where I come from. I originate from this area called Mesopotamia. In my language we call that area: Beth Nahrin. Both my parents are from what is now called south-east Turkey. The specific area they are from is called: Tur Abdin. 


Tur Abdin translated from Aramaic: mountain of the servers of God. 

I learned that the feelings I feel today are closely linked to the genocide of 1915. Before doing my Bachelor in Fine Arts, I never dived too deep into this subject because of the heaviness it puts on my heart. However, the older you get the more you want to know where things come from. What it means, why things are the way they are. This book, 'MESOPOTAMIA', is split in three sections. 1. Tur Abdin, 1915. 2. Here and now. 3. In the in-between. 


1. Tur Abdin, 1915. Written, as if I was there during the genocide. Even though "my physical, mental and spiritual self" are here in Holland, 2020.


2. Here and now. This is my perception of the aftermath from that genocide, only 105 years later. It is about the state of my being. An Aramean woman, living in Holland.


3. In the in-between. I talk about not knowing where I stand in this life after these two chapters. Physically, mentally and spiritually. What does it mean for me to be alive?  That genocide was supposed to wipe out all Arameans, Armenians, Chaldeans and Pontic Greeks. So if I was technically not supposed to be alive, then why am I here?

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