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I am a Syriac-Aramean woman, who was born and raised in Holland. I have always been in search of the meaning of creation. Exploring the roots of my soul, in connection towards all creation. Doing this mostly through: heritage/ethnicity, art, love and belief in God.
I want to create, to touch the surface of why God ever started carving any form of creation.

I want to create a connection from the divine perspective to the human perspective. Divinity lives within us, but we ourselves are not divine, and how that affects us.

As well do I want to revive Aramean history including its artistic, biblical, cultural and political history, so it can live within the present and future.

My work, the paintings, are about the abstraction we feel in life. For instance, water. We will be never able to hold in our hands, but can swim in it and it will hold us. Yet, this water which is calming and filled with life can destroy us in a matter of seconds. What does water mean to us?

The etches, are about our fallen ways.
It concludes figures of our wickedness, how we let ourselves fall into the same routined missteps because we can not admit to ourselves of our wrongdoings. Still virtuousness, these transcendent moments, is seeking us through all those missteps. They are unreachable with the flesh and only the spirit.

Life on earth feels animated sometimes, and I wanted to show them as they are felt. Therefore the style is uniquely created for those unreachable things. I chose this medium because just like life, once you create a line you can not take it back. Even when I create 'so-called' mistakes in the drawing. I do not uncreate them. I let them live. Once you have taken a step in life, you can not take that step back. It is like that moment is set in stone. So are our stories. So are these etchings. 

When I started looking deeper at the origin of this world, of love, my heritage/ethnicity, my soul, belief and art. I understood. God is the ultimate artist. Knowing I am merely his created instrument. That plays her part in the way it was designed.

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