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I am inspired by creation itself. The origin of creation. The creator of the creation. The creation of the world. The creation of man, trees, water and sand. Earth is one big artwork containing Ripe and Unripe. Humans, animals and nature are teeming within the Ripe and Unripe. Within that teeming we have families, cultures and stories.

I simply paint stories. Personal stories, historical stories, biblical stories, cultural stories, stories people told me. Stories I picked up on the train. Stories the trees told me by dancing with the wind.

These stories are printed through etch, painted with oil or sculpted by clay. Each media hints towards a peculiar identity. Within the given storyline, depending on the medium, I fall into a spiritual trans. Moving freely. Since it comes from the spirit, I believe the work itself comes alive. The frame covered in linen, paper, clay and even hands are simple materials. Until I moved my palms and bended the elements. These things were plain materials on their own. Yet, together turn into a life of its own. The same way a seed is merely a seed until the moment you put it in the ground, use the right equipment; only then can it grow into a tree.

The right equipment, first and foremost is love. It is why I believe the creator painted this world. So, I will start any creation with love. 

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