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Maria Carmen a.k.a. MCAoasis is a visual artist, working primarily in printmaking, oils and ceramics. She wants to create a connection from the divine perspective to the human perspective. As an instrument of God, motivated by Him, through her human spirit. She takes the lead. Ensuing her materials into becoming her instrument, which she follows towards its natural course of life. Expressive, bold yet, delicate are the colors, lines and the stories she portrays of the rich history of Aramean literature, culture and politics. This research is connected to the research in biblical history, the depth of the individual soul and the spiritual energy flowing in flora and fauna.

The origin of creation is her main source of inspiration. These four subjects are connected to that start of creation. From that moment on did these four things get a chance to grow to the point where she can make art about it, and study its purposes.

With the question that lingers. What was the intention of creation?

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